Midori Matcha

We believe in pure and simple. You will never find any preservatives or fillers in our bottles. Cold Brewed Matcha is a lifestyle drink to give one energy, focus and promote health. We believe that Matcha should be enjoyed in its most authentic form. The key to enjoying pure Matcha is by using the highest grade – premium Matcha available – which is only grown in specific regions of Japan and only harvested in the month of May. This freshly harvested Matcha is also called “Ceremonial Grade” which comes from its original use in Japanese tea ceremonies. Outside of tea ceremonies and for over 900 years in Japan – Matcha Green tea was enjoyed in its traditional hot form by monks and warriors to promote concentration and stable energy.  At Midori Matcha, our goal was to cold brew the Matcha and transform it into a modern and convenient bottle form to fuel an active lifestyle.


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