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5 Rejuvenation Essentials for a Spa Bathroom

Design your own bathroom retreat with these timeless must-haves!  For a spa-inspired feel, it’s all about luxurious details and elegant finishes.  Rejuvenation carefully designs and sources every item in its bath assortment, ensuring each piece is made to last.  Whether you’re doing a complete renovation or a quick refresh, they have every detail to help you create the ultimate spa bath.  

Relaxing Accent Lighting

Ensure your space has a serene ambiance with the right bath lighting. A chandelier or modern pendant overhead will set a luxurious tone, while providing plenty of ambient light for the whole space. Add sconces on either side of the vanity for flattering task lighting.

Complete your setup with dimmers so you can adjust the light for each activity, from relaxing low light for soaking in the tub to bright light for getting ready at the vanity. See Rejuvenation’s Guide to Bathroom Lighting for more information on choosing bathroom lighting.


A Soaking Tub

The ultimate spa bath isn’t complete without a soaking bathtub. Rejuvenation’s cast iron tubs feature sturdy craftsmanship and optimal heat retention, with a durable porcelain finish for a timeless, updated look. If you have a nook or a bay window in your bath, it’s the perfect spot to create a focal point with a vintage-inspired clawfoot tub; choose from a range of colors and finish options to match the rest of your bathroom. For a more contemporary feel, their timeless soaking tubs offer more space and a deeper water depth for the ultimate soak experience.


Elegant Plumbing

It’s all in the details—and nothing says spa bath like a rainfall showerhead and impeccably crafted bath faucets. Rejuvenation’s tub filler sets come in a range of styles, from sleek and modern to classic and vintage. For your spa-inspired shower, the company’s thermostatic shower sets offer superior temperature control and water flow, elevating every shower experience and saving water at the same time.


Soothing Décor

Find thoughtfully crafted decor to complete your spa bath. Set the tone with all-natural beeswax candles, then add character to your space with one-of-a-kind vintage artwork. Luxurious towels are a must-have for any spa-like bath; Rejuvenation’s handcrafted Japanese towels feature high-quality cotton and a plush, absorbent design.


A Luxurious Rug

For an unexpected dose of color and texture, add a rug to your bathroom instead of a standard bath mat. The showroom’s flatweave and hand-knotted rug options offer something for every space, and each one is crafted by hand using high-quality materials. Wool construction provides high durability, while Rejuvenation’s recycled plastic PET rugs offer water resistance with a plush fabric feel.

Find everything you need for the ultimate retreat with Rejuvenation’s full bath selection here, from shower sets to bath sconces.