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Bang & Olufsen’s New & Improved Smart Home + Design Center

Bang & Olufsen has unveiled a new, renovated smart home and design center at their Costa Mesa showroom! Committed to the idea that technology should make life more enjoyable yet simpler at the same time, Bang & Olufsen is all about embracing new technologies and features whilst keeping it as simple as possible.
Working hard to create smarthome solutions that are subtle and integrated into the lives of people, the Bang & Olufsen’s goal is to free up time to allow people to focus on what is important. By applying some bright ideas and a clever system that enables everything to connect, every day life has the potential to be so much easier.
Since the 1980s, Bang & Olufsen has worked strategically with interconnecting all Bang & Olufsen products, so that customers have the benefit of a system, more than just a collection of individual units. This interconnectivity has gone through multiple stages of development, and we are proud to say that our home integration system is one of the most versatile on the market – enabling all Bang & Olufsen products to work together, as well as interacting with other systems, and offering the simplest of controls for all intelligent solutions within the home.
Now offering private scheduled after hour consultations both in-store and in-home, Bang & Olufsen is striving for convenience and simplicity. Call 714.617.5817 to schedule your appointment today.