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Enjoy a Taste of Paris with Moulin

Are you feeling like you are ready to travel?  Head abroad?  Paris, maybe?  We aren’t quite there but you can definitely treat yourself to a mini-French emersion over at Moulin.  Orange County’s premiere French bakery and market has just reopened their SOCO + The OC Mix location.  They have everything you need to sit back and enjoy an authentic French culinary experience – fabulous quiches, sandwiches made on baguettes, steak and pomme frites (French fries), roasted herbed chicken, and the list goes on.  If you are looking for more of a picnic by the edge of Seine experience, this is the perfect spot to load up on incredible cheeses, lovely wines, breads, and, of course, the pastry display is out of this world.  Treat yourself to un petit voyage and pop over to Moulin to give them a great big “Bonjour!” to welcome them back.