Get 24/7 Access to Creative Fun with the “Chuck Jones on Your Phones” Initiative!

Thanks to this all-new initiative, “Chuck Jones on Your Phones,” you can now access the same Chuck Jones Center for Creativity fun that you know and love – all from the comfort of your home!

The center is sharing different DIY projects and ideas online as well as on Instagram and Facebook that you can complete at home – either by yourself, with kids and/or students who are learning at home – even your pets! (no judgment, we’re all at home now).

And for those who’ve recently found themselves embarking on a new career path (home-schooling), this is for you too. Chuck Jones Center for Creativity will be posting projects to satisfy the most stringent home-school art standards, and hopefully, engage all of your art-makers – big and little.

Each project uses simple materials that you can likely scrounge up from around the house. Examples include Crumpled Paper Creatures, Kinetic Art, and much more! To learn more and check out these projects, click here or visit