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Marin Von Blom of ARC PIZZA HOUSE

Meet Marin Von Blöm, half of the team behind ARC PIZZA HOUSE. Marin and husband Chef Noah recently introduced ARC PIZZA HOUSE at #SOCOandtheOCMix. The restaurant features a menu of unique wood-fired pizzas. This new concept is now an extension of acclaimed restaurant, ARC, and is located in the space formerly occupied by Restaurant Marin, which will be relocating to a new home on the Newport Beach Peninsula in early 2018, when the von Blöms’ DirtySexyHappiness Hospitality Group will debut a new culinary concept.

We chatted with Marin about being an entrepreneur.

1. Tell us about yourself and what you did before opening your restaurants.

Both Noah and I have always worked in restaurants, Noah has trained under some very amazing Chefs (Restaurant Daniel in NYC) and my first restaurant job was at the OC institution of Tutto Mare at Fashion Island. Noah had always been true to course, but I dabbled in the IT world. I realized quickly that I was too much of a people person to be stuck behind a computer on the daily; I worked in restaurants at night and IT during the day. Even though I decided to be in the restaurant business to avoid computers, I find myself back at a computer often reconciling the books for the restaurant! I always know that the energy of the restaurant and the people who work and dine there is waiting for me when I finish up :)

2. What challenges do you face as a small business owner, restaurateur and how do you overcome them?

Being a small business is always difficult, I think the hardest thing for Noah and I was getting our business off the ground. Going from restaurant employee to restaurant owner is a huge step, and many people have to trust you as a person and rallying people behind our ideas was hard. Once we opened, the idea became a reality and many more people saw value in what we wanted to create for Orange County.

3. What do you like best about having your restaurant at SOCO and the OC Mix?

Too many things to just say one! But top two –first, the ownership of SOCO, Scott Burnham and Bryon Ward are both amazing business men and visionaries. These two gentlemen have spent more time with Noah and I, going over plans, talking about new ideas, and where the business is going. They are mentors more than landlords!!

Second, our fellow shop / restaurant owners! We love being amongst other small business owners. Seeing others who are pursuing their passion in life creates the authenticity and feel of SOCO. Without all the hardworking people who make it happen, it could just be another strip mall in OC, but together we all make SOCO a reason to visit.