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Mouthwatering Summer Specials at SOCO + The OC Mix

Summer is in full swing at SOCO + The OC Mix and what better way to beat the heat than with some refreshing summer treats. If we have missed anything this past year, it’s been enjoying our favorite restaurants, and there is no better way to soak up the sun than with some of our favorite places at SOCO.

Portola’s new Summer Theorem Menu features drinks inspired by your summer favorites and will show you that coffee can be refreshing too!  With items ranging from Mango Limeade crafted with sparkling water, mango, lime simple syrup and Tajin, to the Orange Creamsi-Cold Brew filled with cold brew coffee, orange syrup, and coconut water topped with fresh whipped cream, these mouthwatering beverages are filled with refreshing childhood nostalgia.

After grabbing a refreshing beverage, head over to Greenleaf Kitchen & Cocktails to try one of their new gourmet sides such asBroccolini Crunch Salad with dried cranberries, aged white cheddar, sunflower seeds, red onions & vegan citrus dressing and Orzo Pasta Salad with vegan feta, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, almonds, arugula &nonna’s basil pesto vinaigrette. Greenleaf is also launching some exciting new summer entrees on July 6 that are filled with summer flavors and will help you beat the heat one gourmet bite at a time, so stay tuned!

Stop by SOCO today to check out all the amazing eateries and enjoy a little taste of summer.