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Newsday, May 2014 | New furniture designs showcase reclaimed materials

From Newsday, New furniture designs showcase reclaimed materials

With its new and expansive showroom in Costa Mesa, Calif.’s Environment Furniture is about enjoying life and respecting the planet.

Collections for the home are made of sustainably harvested wood and other materials that would otherwise be discarded.

“Our core of the business is to work with reclaimed materials,” said Camilla Trigano of Environment Furniture.

Among the reclaimed wood Environment uses is peroba wood, which comes from a tree that is becoming scarce outside of parks. Its lumber was heavily used in construction throughout southern Brazil. One hundred percent of the wood Environment uses is reclaimed from homes, buildings and other structures that have been torn down or are abandoned. Environment was the first furniture company to establish a reclaimed-peroba exporting operation in 2003.

Then there are the repurposed fabrics that Environment uses, such as vintage military canvas.

Soldiers have taken shelter under tents from a durable cotton canvas since the Civil War, Trigano said.

“The idea of community and sharing is a beautiful story,” she said. “Every piece has a story and you can feel its soul.”

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