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OC Weekly: Bono Spera Helps You K-Love Your Skin

“Bono Spera¬†means ‘good hope’ in Latin,” explains Sonia Kim, owner of Bono Spera, a beauty and lifestyle boutique. “I really enjoy sharing my thoughts on how I can help my customers do just that.”

Last year, K-beauty reached peak visibility in the States, with e-commerce sites such as Gumii, collaborations between Holika Holika and Sanrio, and CVS’s own Korean-specific section all launching the same year. Kim’s store opened in August at the OC Mix with products for women that target wrinkles, pores, acne, dark circles and dry skin, as well as makeup and hair care. There’s also cutesy undergarments and athleisure and street wear to entice the most chic fashionista.

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(Photo by Aimee Murillo)