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Shop Roseland y Mar – The OC Mix’s Newest Pop-Up Boutique

Come say hello to the newest pop-up boutique at the OC Mix – Roseland y Mar, where sustainability and longevity are number one! Carrying sustainably conscious clothing, accessories, and self-care items, you can in-store shop now through September 15.

 Roseland y Mar (RyM) was born from a founder with a passion for sharing designers’ unique stories while helping consumers make more socially conscious buying and clothing care decisions. The result is a collective of sustainable and durable fashion and wellness essentials that support the slow fashion movement. RyM uses interactive and eye-catching visuals in its retail store to educate the public on the role of clothing and fashion in sustainability. By offering to buy back RyM pieces after 30 wears, RyM aims to keep clothes out of landfills and find a second life for these treasured textiles. To further aid the slow fashion movement, Roseland y Mar is developing a Care Society to teach and inspire clothing care and longevity.

Open daily, you don’t want to miss out on this pop-up opportunity to spruce up your wardrobe with clothing that will last a lifetime!