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Coco Republic

A design led, lifestyle brand founded in Australia in 1979, Coco Republic is synonymous with quality, service, and a sophisticated attention to detail. For over 40 years, Coco Republic has influenced the world of interior design with its products and services, dedicated to bringing design to life across the globe.

Inspired by international design and architecture, combined with the essence of how Australians live, the brand has paved the way in interpreting the Australian lifestyle, enthralled through product design and its influence on both lifestyle and interior design, globally.

On a mission to build a global community and act as the guide to those who seek a well-designed life. The brand is led by a vision to foster the creation of inspiring, memorable and functional spaces across the globe.

In a world of shifting sensibilities towards the home, Coco Republic is led by a set of brand codes that inspire people, places, and spaces.