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Sustainable by Design: Get Familiar with Room & Board’s Urban Wood Project

Did you know that making 100 tables out of reclaimed trees instead of mulch can save as much CO2 as keeping a car off the road for 2.8 years? 

Respect for the environment is a guiding principle for Room & Board.  As a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, sustainability is a thread woven through everything they do.  It’s where and how they make their furniture.  It’s the materials they use.  It’s how they deliver it.  In short, it’s a choice that Room & Board makes to consider the big picture of how their designs impact the plant.

In 2018, Room & Board announced a new partnership with the USDA Forest Service – the Urban Wood Project.  After the forest service reached out to them as a potential partner in using wood reclaimed from Baltimore’s aging row homes, the company recognized potential to take a challenging situation and turn it into a good thing. Now, the Urban Wood Project has grown to span the entire country.

Mostly recently, R&B began working with Urban Wood Rescue, which is part of the Sacramento Tree Foundation.  Using trees and logs that were removed from urban areas for various reasons – like disease, storm damage, or construction site clearing – the partnership has resulted in a limited-edition collection of coffee tables.

The Arlington End Table is made from reclaimed wood and marble steps from abandoned Baltimore row houses. The Truxel Coffee Table, made from Sacramento redwood trees, and the Wheatland Coffee table, made from Sacramento English walnut trees, are both limited to only 50 tables in each collection. 

Room & Board’s commitment to designing long-lasting quality furniture built by American craftspeople reduces waste and environmental impact, helping combat the nearly 10,000 tons of furniture that goes into landfills each year.

Visit their website or watch this video to learn more.