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Orange Coast: Demystifying Wood-Fueled Baking at Restaurant Marin

A nice little article about one of our restaurants!

Baking to the rhythm of flames and coals; the roar and the whisper attune with browning bread and rising cake batter. Groundbreaking wood-fueled baking is at the heart of Marin Howarth and chef Noah Blom’s Restaurant Marin in Costa Mesa, where stunning layer cakes, pies, and artisanal breads reach perfection in a Wood Stone wood-burning oven.

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SURFAS Cooking clases get high praicse from Locale Magazine!

You Can Become a Self-Proclaimed “Top Chef” After Experiencing One of these Cooking Classes

Surfas Culinary District at SOCO in Costa Mesa not only sells every cooking/baking utensil you can possibly imagine, but provides hands-on cooking/baking classes as well! It’s such a treat to be guided through the process of creating quality food and baked goods with quality ingredients. If you can’t walk away with the skills of the chef instructor, you’ll at least gain an appreciation for the end product when using pure and fresh ingredients.

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Surfas Gift Basket Giveaway

Surfas Prize Basket Giveaway! Valued at $362.86

Enter for a chance to win this amazing chef ready basket from Surfas Culinary District at SOCO Collection. Contest begins Friday, December 5th-6th! Look for it on @SOCOCollection Instagram & Facebook

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Surfas Gift Basket Giveaway

Surfas Gift Basket Giveaway