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Orange Coast: Main Course – Restaurant Marin


After a round of great signature cocktails at Arc restaurant, we head next door for dinner at its sibling, 5-month-old Restaurant Marin. The contrast is a jarring shift in realms. Where Arc is primal and dark and brawny, Marin is dainty and buoyant and almost girlish. The magical thread stitching these divergent worlds together is the quixotic vision of Marin Howarth and Noah Blom, the hospitality power duo that defies the quaint stereotype of mom-and-pop operators. Marin is the new addition to their SoCo Collection family, and like Arc, it resembles nothing else in our local restaurant landscape. Here, in this 30-seat jewel box of a bistro, Blom and Howarth offer a morning-til-midnight diner serving lush renditions of comfort classics.

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Fashion Times: 5 Fabulous Reasons To Shop At SOCO


A nice little piece in Fashion Times!

South Coast Collection, known as SOCO, is one of the leading design destinations in California. It is actually the only interior design center in Southern California and features 20 world-class showrooms of home furnishings, antiques, outdoor accessories, fixtures and appliances.

SOCO does not solely cater to the interior design trade but openly invites the everyday consumer to experience the diverse offerings

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