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Locale: SOCO + The OC Mix Are Homes to 27 Things We Can’t Live Without—#8 Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Must-Have Item

If anyone has ever asked you what items you can’t live without, your top five must-haves probably come to mind. As humans naturally do, we change and so do our favorite food, drinks, styles and so on. You’ll go to the tastiest taco joint near your house and then hit up the home decor store about a mile away.Well, how about visiting a place that incorporates everything that you would ever need and more? Stop your Yelping because we went on a field trip to the gem of Costa Mesa: SOCO + The OC Mix. You might’ve come across it—or you might not—but this growing hub of aesthetics, cultures, flavors and lifestyles is sure to flare up your creativity and inspirations, tickle your taste buds and change your mind about what it is you can’t live without. As we share our must-haves from the diverse stores and restaurants that we’ve visited, maybe you’ll write down these items on your wishlist, too!

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