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The Mixing Glass: Curated Cocktail & Knowhow Virtual Event

Don’t Miss The Mixing Glass Virtual Fall Cocktail Class on Friday, November 6 featuring Special Release Bottling, Ahus Midvinter.

The Mixing Glass has teamed up with Ahus to launch this special seasonal bottling product, of which only 700 bottles were made! Perfectly delightful with warming spices, fruit, and a hint of fennel + caraway, this aquavit is approachable and playful, and will blend perfectly into your Autumnal favorites, getting you through Fall and Winter!

Tickets are available for purchase online and are $100 each. Each ticket includes an ingredient kit good for 1-2 people that includes 5-6 recipes, and everything needed to craft your cocktails except for ice and tools.  In addition, Lucas of Cool Hand Co is making a custom shrub to include with all the other ingredients that will be featured in the kit this time around!

Spice up your Fall Friday night in the comfort of your own cozy home and click here to purchase tickets now.