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The OC Mix’s New “Mane” Attraction: The Getaway Barbershop

The Getaway Barbershop, founded by Craig Thomas, is a new cutting-edge barbershop that just opened its second location inside The OC Mix.  Fueled by a desire to bring authenticity to each individual shop, Craig created a new name and brand for this location to ensure that a unique vibe is showcased.  The Getaway is unique to your average barbershop, operating through an easy, self-explaining, online booking system that lays out your barbers availability – ensuring that the wait is never too long and your barber can give unrivaled attention to delivering the service and look that keeps you coming back for more.  This allows for the extra time required to give the sanitation, disinfection and other measures that keep us all safe in public environments.

The desire to meet clients with consideration and consistent quality begins with a hot towel and steamer finish that is bound to melt the weight of the world away. No more lines or guessing which barber you will land on. Find the right fit for you and click here to book your appointment today.