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Transform Living Spaces into Learning Spaces

Back to school is just around the corner, and while virtual + distance-learning remain prevalent, children’s learning environments and living spaces will continue to co-exist. 

Luckily, SOCO has everything you need to create a multifunctional, motivational learning space that will enhance your child(ren)’s creativity and impact their learning experiences. 

Check out our favorite back-to-school furnishings and product essentials below!  Most items are available to ship and can be delivered before the new school year starts.  Happy shopping!

The Levi Lounge Chair – $299


The Levi lounge chair encourages a fun, modern reading or gaming spot for kids and teens. Easy to move around the room and made to mold to an individual’s form, Levi features a channeled design and durable construction.



Made by a family-owned steel shop in Minnesota, our exclusive Agenda board is substantial, durable and versatile. The magnetic board is made of steel and features a ledge along the bottom that serves as the perfect catch-all for small items. The Agenda board can be a unique addition to a frame wall. This modern canvas creates a timeless, one-of-a-kind accent that’s great for home organization.



features a high, sculpted backrest, a generous seat that cradles sitters, and angled legs that slant slightly outwards for optimal stability. The cushioned shell comes in a variety of upholstery options, providing a multitude of design combinations for your unique customization



Give your little artists and engineers a kid-sized place to create with the Digby play table. Constructed from durable powder-coated steel and topped with an HDPE easy-to-clean surface, Digby can withstand anything kids throw at it.



This loft bed with desk is a functional, multi-purpose piece that utilizes space as function. By placing a bed on a high raised surface, your child can get practical using space under the bed to be productive.



Designed to be functional, light and strong, the Pyramid Table 01 features a steel-sheet base and oak top that create an uncluttered workspace.

  1. Colour Crate – $30

This multifunctional plastic crate features a ventilated and stackable design. Available in a variety of different colors and sizes for smart storage in small spaces.