Try This At-Home Coloring Project for Kids – Brought to You by Milk & Honey Baby!

Milk & Honey Baby has a fun, interactive coloring project that you can try at home, courtesy of one of their vendors – Cuddle + Kind.

The brand has several downloadable coloring pages available here, which features printable images of all the different plush dolls that children love and adore. Kids can pick one that pictures their own doll they have at home, or maybe a new friend!

If you don’t already have a Cuddle + Kind doll, you can purchase one online through Milk & Honey Baby’s website (and enjoy free shipping) by clicking here:

Even better, Cuddle + Kind Dolls support a great cause! These ethically produced, hand-knit dolls help feed children in need. Each doll is hand knit in Peru by talented artisans with premium cotton, and for every 1 doll, 10 meals are provided to children in North America and around the world.