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Restaurant Marin Among Eater’s 10 Orange County Restaurants Worth the Drive From San Diego

Chef Noah Blom and wife-partner Marin built on the success of Arc at The OC Mix with Restaurant Marin, a chic diner that also features wood-fired cooking. Grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the covered patio in a blue cushioned booth or grab a blue plastic table indoors, all set to French accordion music. Breakfast is as luxurious as you want to be, whether you prefer a basic bacon and egg sandwich or crab hash browns. Later in the day, they pile buttery lobster rolls with shrimp and serve a downright architectural chicken pot pie. Don’t leave without eating dessert, whether it’s supple donut holes served with whipped cream and quad-berry jam, or a towering slab of cake.

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Modern Luxury: Food and Drink

GUILDED AGE A coterie of culinarians can now join visionaries Noah von Blöm and Marín Howarth von Blöm (of Arc and Restaurant Marin fame) for classic cuisine and cocktails at their new venture, The Guild Club (, which finally bowed after building anticipation for more than a year and now serves up a late 19th century-inspired gastronomical experience. “The venue allows me to showcase my finedining background and Marín’s design imagination,” says Noah. 

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ZAGAT: 8 Reasons to Drive to Costa Mesa

The OC Mix gets a nice mention in ZAGAT magazine!

Restaurant Marin
This bustling bistro at The OC Mix is what you get when you cross a classic American diner with a touch of the French countryside. Its all-day menus feature everything from blueberry pancakes and pâté toast at breakfast to lobster hash, steak frites and meatloaf for lunch and dinner. The pastries, fresh baked breads and especially the cakes are diabolically good. P.S. breakfast is served all the way to midnight in the charming blue-and-white dining room

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Orange Coast: Demystifying Wood-Fueled Baking at Restaurant Marin

A nice little article about one of our restaurants!

Baking to the rhythm of flames and coals; the roar and the whisper attune with browning bread and rising cake batter. Groundbreaking wood-fueled baking is at the heart of Marin Howarth and chef Noah Blom’s Restaurant Marin in Costa Mesa, where stunning layer cakes, pies, and artisanal breads reach perfection in a Wood Stone wood-burning oven.

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OC Register: Best Thing I Ate This Week: Restaurant Marin fries!


When I reviewed Restaurant Marin in May, one of the things I liked most about this all-day gourmet diner was its no-tipping policy. But shortly after that review, it surrendered that idea and switched to the more familiar pricing strategy, which means lower prices for everything (even though it’s actually a wash if you’re a decent tipper).

And they’ve also just revamped the menu, adding all sorts of new items, including chili cheese fries.

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Orange Coast: Main Course – Restaurant Marin


After a round of great signature cocktails at Arc restaurant, we head next door for dinner at its sibling, 5-month-old Restaurant Marin. The contrast is a jarring shift in realms. Where Arc is primal and dark and brawny, Marin is dainty and buoyant and almost girlish. The magical thread stitching these divergent worlds together is the quixotic vision of Marin Howarth and Noah Blom, the hospitality power duo that defies the quaint stereotype of mom-and-pop operators. Marin is the new addition to their SoCo Collection family, and like Arc, it resembles nothing else in our local restaurant landscape. Here, in this 30-seat jewel box of a bistro, Blom and Howarth offer a morning-til-midnight diner serving lush renditions of comfort classics.

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